Warranty Info

Here at Credit Connection Auto Sales Inc., we work with our clients to ensure they secure our short term financing program, which allows our customer's to pay their loans off fast! We also work very close with our board of directors each and every day to ensure all loans correspond with every customer's budget.  This is done so we can aide in rebuilding or establishing credit for you the valued customer.

Credit Connection Auto Sales Inc. offers many payment methods. American Express, Visa, Discover, Master Card, Green Dot, Money Orders, Cashier Checks, Auto Pay, Government Friendly Allotments and our new Web Pay which allows you to pay conveniently online.

Our outstanding 24-month/30,000 mile warranty covers your engine, transmission, and your engine's cooling system and many more items like, head gaskets, radiators, harmonic balancer, cylinder heads, water pumps, cooling fan motor, and many more.  All you have to do is ask your sales representative.