Loan Process

Tired of having your credit judged by dealerships that could care less? No worries here at Credit Connection your not just another number, your family. Our process dose not judge bankruptcy, divorces, repossessions, slow pays or any curve balls life has thrown your way. Remember we are here for you. In addition to our excellent warranty we provide accurate reporting to all major credit bureaus on a monthly basis. It's as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

Meet and Greet: Come to our dealership, meet our over qualified staff and greet your self to great customer service.
Buyer's Information: Buyers information is all we need. Do not be judged by your credit; be judged by your honesty.
Take Possession: Drive home in your new automobile backed by our excellent warranty, all while establishing the credit you deserve. Remember the king says "YOU'RE APPROVED!"